Sacred Expression Yoga

Honouring and expressing the gold within Book a Session Now!

In this magical half-day workshop, we combine deep presence with playful intent and pure, embodied creative* expression. Expect beautiful, flowing yoga, heart-rousing tunes, life-size paper and colourful pastels specially blended to bring you to a state of unexpected, joyful expression.

*(even if you think you aren’t!) 

Expressing the Gold Within

Moving the body with playful intention and mindfulness to feel alive in every cell, we use pastels, fluid yoga, music and life-size paper to express our deepest and highest selves through scared geometry and human impulse.

Whether you have a desire to unleash your stifled creativity, explore your own source expansion (the gold within!), or simply have fun tuning into your own body whilst creating large-scale, sacred-geometry-inspired visuals, this fun and unique offering is for you!

“I was so astonished with what I created and how elated I felt!”

What to Expect & Bring

Mess, music & magic is where I’ll start. These sessions are all about unpeeling the layers of tidy conditioning that we have acquired over the years and which suppress our natural creativity and inner, infinite expression.

As a recovering “humble, tidy person” myself, I often struggle to cope with mess and apparent disorder, and that’s exactly why this form of creative release has been so extremely therapeutic for me!

“This workshop was amazing!”

A Compassionate Space

I’ll never push you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. Everyone who has attended my classes or worked 1-1 with me has given me the feedback that I am extremely compassionate and hold space for you to move forwards at your own pace. It is one of my highest values that you will at all ties feel nurtured, understood and encouraged in a positive, open-hearted space.

Likewise, this is what I ask of you to bring with you to these sessions, to hold the communal space for others to grow and flourish alongside you.

“I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to come back!”

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